• Full business Accounting, CRM, Organizer, Project Management and Inventory control in a single application.
  • Link to one or more Android devices (phones or tablet PCs): information from the Android devices is automatically downloaded to the system.

  • Manage relations with your prospected clients & customers: Individual customers

    • Maintain & use your customers data
      • Keep standard personal/organisation information & contact details
      • Keep and use multiple shipping addresses for the customer

      • Additional tables can be created to keep specific customer information (e.g Tax file number, or medical, patient's details for doctors, etc.)
      • Create a contact record from an email you received or (and) the customer record from the contact record

    • Maintain the list of sales (purchases) for each customer (vendor)
      • List of Sales (purchases) linked to the Customer (vendor)

        In the case of many customers (the system , instead of searching the customer name, create a new quote or invoice just from the customer's detail screen
      • Customer's payments list
      • Sales per week, month, per year, by month

    • Actions
      • Link tasks, notes and actions to the customer record
      • Link and keep all customer related documents

      • Create & copy customer actions to the organiser for the given dates

    • Communications
      • Send & receive emails, link emails to contact record

      • Instantly call or send SMS (Android)
      • Keep phone log and link to contact record (Android)

  • Manage relations with your prospected clients & customers: Multiple customers
    • Customers' groups & marketing
      • Sort customers or contacts by different criteria
        Display and print list with a specific set of customers (contacts) details

      • Create multiple customers groups & use these groups as mailing lists

      • Broadcast emails & marketing materials to the selected groups of customers
        • Prepare professionally looking graphical emails with promotions, newsletters or announcements about sales

        • Send emails. Use different types of addressing your contacts

          the system works the best with the small size mailing lists, when you address specific groups of your clients
        • The date when the e-mail was sent is automatically recorded, so you can see when the email has been sent to the particular group of contacts, to address efficiently all the groups