1. Export data from QUICK BOOKS accounting system into Excel files
    You can import the follwing data
    • Customers
    • Vendors
    • Inventory
    • Accounts
  2. Process CSV file (if needed)
    In some cases the data in the file is not sufficient, in this case you may need to process CVF file
    • If you want to inseert prices and costs for inventory while your initial file only contains Cost, create additional column in Excel file and call it Price. Copy all the data from the Cost column to Price column and multiply it to the given coefficient.
    • Save all your Excel files in CSV format
  3. Import the data from cvs files into BUSINESS SYSTEM PLUS system
    • Specify which fields in your file correspond to the data in BUSINESS SYSTEM PLUS system:
      select the appropriate fields in the Combo Box on the import form. If you select an empty field, the particular data from the CSV file will not be imported.

      Note: Some entries in the system (e.g cuatomer name) are mandatory, these entries must be selected. In case if you did not, the system will prompt that the field is mandatory.

      Note: The system allows th euser to presselect or reset all the fild (and then select them one by one), by pressing "Refresh" button on th etop of the import form.
    • If you can't find the appropriate entry, in the case of inventory or customers (vendors), you can create a new table in our system and import the data into it.

      Select "Create new entry" opposite the appropriate lable and press "RESET" the new table for "Additional data" will be created. The data from the CSV file will be imported into the existing table and "Additional data" table.

      Note If you press "INSERT" the data only will be inserted into existing tables. The "Additional data" table will not be created.
    • In case of customers (vendors) you can create records both in customers and contacts tables. This can be useful, if you want to have a seperate list to send automatic multple emails to your customers or vendors.

      In this case you need to check "Replicate data and create corresponding entry in the Contact list" on the import form, when import customers or vendors.

  4. Apart from the data above you can import many other types of data e.g the list of sales iported from your merchant account or PayPal site. The process is similar.

    Note: In case of importing sales, the system inserts the sales data, creates all appropriate transactions in the General Ledger and modifies the accounts balances. So that if you import several hundred sale records, the procedure can be relatively slow.