• All business activities in a single desktop app: Accounting, CRM, Organizer, Project Management and Inventory control.
  • Instant GST, VAT reporting, Business activity statement, Complete annual tax report (selected countries)
  • Connect an unlimited number of mobile devices (Android), or desktop apps Information from the phones, tablets, or desktop apps is automatically downloaded to the PC system.
  • NO SUBSCRIPTION and MONTHLY FEES: a single desktop (& multiple mobile devices) application which you purchase once and use for the lifetime of the software
  • No cloud: the network or internet coverage is optional only


    1 Create and email quotes and invoices instantly on a mobile device, the data can be uploaded to PC app. A quote can include images of your previous works
    2 Use project management with project-based accounting: separate income, expenses, profit-loss reports and more for the different projects
    3 Create or timesheets from mobile devices of your employees and payroll:
    5 Connect an unlimited number of mobile devices (Android), POS systems or desktop apps Information from the phones, tablets, POS or desktop apps is automatically downloaded to the PC system.

    • Create & email a quote or an invoice when at the customer's site or premises
    • Instantly upload job & customer's information into your desktop app
    • Accurately measure and record time on the job
    Fully configurable templates: can include images of the work, unlimited notes, payment details including payment QR code

    • Estimate project cost by consolidating a set of estimates for the different jobs
    • Record internal work orders for each job and produce consolidated cost estimate for the whole project
    • Internal work orders can be replicated, combined, attached and reused in the different projects
    • Configure and use the costs and (sale) prices for the materials and labor
    • Generate quotes from internal work orders
    • The (internal) costs of the materials will be transformed to the (sale) prices; the same for the labor, if specified
    • GST and totals are recalculated automatically by the system
    • Replicate and amend quotes, if necessary
    • Create consolidated project quotation by joining multiple selected quotes for different jobs
      Each quote includes multiple items for labor and materials

    Common day to day activities

    Invoices, and Payments
    • Record sales, print or email invoices & receipts from your phone or PC
    • Record time on the job, fill the timesheets; get the client's signature
    • Track job status, instantly invoice your customer, process partial payments
    • All information from your mobile phone/tablet (or several phones/tablets) is uploaded to the PC application
    • Keep track of sales & payments total or per customer, week, month, etc.

    Purchases, expenses & bills
    • Record bill payments; categorize and control your expenses
    • Make photos of your receipts and upload into the PC application
    • GST on purchases is calculated and recorded so that it can be claimed in your next BAS report

    Inventory management
    • Stock control
      • Management of inventory data: prices, costs, and inventory levels
      • Mark inventory disposed as a part of production cost expense, or put into invoice for the customer
      • Full stock history with the name of the person who made the changes to the stock amount or reference to the sale, etc.
      • Inventory & sales cross-referencing: automatic update of physical and money inventory values when process sale or purchase
    • Repurchasing
      • Use "stock alerts" to control insufficient inventory
      • Automatically generate Purchase Orders when inventory level falls below the stock alert threshold
    Manage multiple projects

    • Project stages and tasks
    • Project costing and estimates
    • Project-based accounting
    • Keep control of income and expenses separately for different projects
    • Keep track of sales & purchases related to the project
    • Record materials spent while working on the project
    • Customers payments & Expences for a project
    • Separate Profit and Loss reports for each project
    Manage relations with your prospected clients & customers
    • Data
      • Personal/Organisation Data
      • Multiple shipment addresses for the customer
      • Additional tables can be created to keep specific Customer information (e.g Tax file number, or medical, patient's details for doctors, etc.)
    • Sales & Purchases
      • List of Sales (purchases) linked to the Customer (vendor)
      • Customer's payments list
      • Sales per week, month, per year, by month
    • Actions
      • Link tasks, notes, and actions to the customer record
      • Link and keep all customer related documents
      • Create & copy customer actions to the organizer for the given dates
  • Communications
    • Send & receive emails, link emails to contact record
    • Instantly call or send SMS (Android)
    • Keep phone log and link to contact record (Android)
  • Customers' groups & marketing
    • Create multiple customers groups & use as mailing lists
    • Broadcast emails & marketing materials to the selected groups of customers
      • Send professionally looking graphical emails
      • Different types of addressing the contact
      • Record the dates when the e-mail was sent
    Fill & email the timesheet to the client or upload into PC app
    Receive from mobile devices or create timesheets, attach to the projects, instantly generate invoices and send to the customer or record the payment to your subcontractor
    Record salary payments, generate payslips, print or email to your employees. Record other types of payments (allowances, bonuses)

    The system calculates and records tax and other deductions, as well as superannuation payments. Check the amounts and pay to tax office and superfund when required
    Accounting, Reports, Payroll

    • Keep track of all your money related activities: journals created by the user or generated automatically by the system upon processing of sales, purchases, payments, expenses, etc.; Sales and Purchases automatically generate entries in General Ledger, update relevant Account balances, update inventory levels and inventory dollar value;
    • Bank account details include all transactions, month balances and reconciliation information
    • Standard accounting reports
    • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) compliant reports
    • BAS and annual company tax reports

    • Special features: interest-bearing accounts data, loans, and deposits
    • Logging of all accounting transactions for control and audit purposes (optional)
    • Payroll management
      • All types of payments to an employee: salary, bonus, allowance
      • Automatically calculate and keep control of PAYG tax deduction & payments to the super
      • Process timesheets: receive from your subcontractors; submit to your clients

  • Communications & Client server configuration
  • Upload the data from multiple Android devices (phones or tablet PCs)
  • Client-server configuration: upload the data from PC applications configured as clients
  • Access permissions for different Android users. The user can only read the business data from selected subsystems based on his access level.