• Management of inventory data: prices, costs, and inventory levels
  • Search inventory based on different criteria
  • Multiple images
  • Flexible configuration of inventory reports with different inventory data
  • Make changes on the mobile device, the inventory data in the PC app is updated accordingly
  • Track them during assembly, back order, create stocktakes and adjust balances, transfer and reconcile items
Sales & manufacturing
  • Record inventory as a part of production cost or conduct the sale and invoice the customer
  • Full stock history with the name of the user who made the changes to the stock amount or reference to the sale, etc.
  • Inventory & sales cross-referencing: automatic update of physical and money inventory values when process sale or purchase
Repurchase inventory with ease
  • Use "Stock alerts" to control insufficient inventory
  • Automatically generate Purchase Orders when inventory level falls below the stock alert threshold The purchase orders created from "Stock alerts" pane can be generated either for the vendor, with multiple order lines, or for each inventory item separately
  • Custom inventory data: configure and keep in the system
  • Multiple prices for an inventory item
  • Instantly set prices for multiple items based on standard cost
    • Search inventory using its bar code on th emobile device
    • Print bar codes for the items and use when keep products on the shelf or deliver an item
    Supply & manufacturing
    • Create Bills of Materials; process, modify or use as a template
    • Search inventory by id or name and instantly insert
    • Hierarchical: insert inventory items or other bills of materials;
      The system will automatically establish the consolidated list of inventory items
    • Easily update quantities and items
    • See available inventory amounts & generate purchase orders for the inventory items if the amounts are insufficient
      The system automatically identifies suppliers for the different inventory items (if configured)
    • Instantly create internal Work Orders from the Bill of materials
      It can be used for tracking of inventory items or modified and transformed to a Quote or an Invoice
    • Register disposal of the items from the Bill of materials: all inventory amounts and accounting records modified accordingly
    • Configure & control inventory amounts in different locations (shops or warehouses). Keep separate amounts for each shop and consolidated inventory amounts for each stock item;
    • Record sales or purchases of inventory for the different shops or record transfers of inventory between the shops;
    • Separate Stock Alerts for the different locations.

    • Have access to inventory amounts in different shops;
    • Upload the data from other applications, which represent different shops or warehouses or from Point of sale apps and modify the particular inventory amounts for these shops.

    Business System Modular Small Business Accounting PC Small Business Accounting Android
    Each application can work independently. Exchange of data between PC app and Android devices
    Inventory list with basic search facility
    Multiple prices & images
    Stock alerts, automatic generation of purchase orders
    Advanced search facility
    Set data for multiples inventory items
    Custom data from inventory items
    Manufacturing: inventory disposed
    Print bar code
    Bill of Materials
    Multiple shops