The system provides full business Accounting, CRM, Organizer and Inventory control support typically needed for a small business. The system can be linked to one or more Android devices (phones or tablet PCs), so that information from the Android devices can be automatically downloaded to the system.

  • Accounts; Banking; Reports;

    • Includes the predefined chart of accounts, which can be modified by the user, the particular accounts are linked to Sales, Purchases or Expenses;
    • Invoices & Estimates (Quotes). Create and instantly email to the customers
    • Bills, Payments & Purchase Orders
    • Journal entries can be created by the user or generated automatically by the system upon processing of (Sales, Purchase) Orders;
    • Sales and Purchases automatically generate entries in General Ledger, update relevant Account balances, update inventory levels and inventory dollar value;
    • Bank account details include all transactions, month balances and reconciliation information
    • Most commonly used reporting facilities: standard accounting reports
    • Special features: maintain interest-bearing accounts data, loans, and deposits

  • Customer relations management
    • Contacts/Partners
    • Contact Data
      • Customers / Vendors information: can be exported from CSV file
      • Personal/Organisation Data
      • Multiple shipment addresses for the customer
      • Additional tables can be created to keep specific Customer information needed for the business (e.g Tax file number, or medical, patient's details for doctors, etc.)
    • Customers Sales
      • List of Sales (Purchases) linked to the Customer (Vendor)
      • Customer's payments list
      • Sales per week, month, per year by month
    • Customers Actions
      • Record all communications or actions related to the particular customer
      • The action records are copied to the personal organizer for the given dates
    • E-Mail broadcasting
      • Templates with different types of address
      • Sort and broadcast to the selected groups
      • Record the dates when the e-mail was sent and link to the contact

  • Inventory management

    • Management of Inventory levels
    • Sales per week, month, per year by month
    • Full Stock change history with the name of the user who made the changes to Stock level and reference to the processed Orders, etc.
    • Inventory & Order cross-referencing
    • Stock Alerts
    • Automatically generate Purchase Orders when inventory level falls below the threshold